Otwarte klatki

We proudly executed the 'With One Voice' campaign in Decentraland, demonstrating our commitment to uniting charity, technology, and user engagement.


People say that the Metaverse is an empty place. We proved them wrong – gamers just need a good enough incentive to try.


We are proud to have had the opportunity to organize a virtual event for Uniqly in Decentraland!


Adshares (the software provider) is our constant client for whom we are creating a vast number of activities.


We have helped the crypto exchange Changelly to enter the metaverse advertising. 

Tecno mobile

The advertising campaign for the tech company with the ad geotargeting specifications.


The community challenge aimed to bring awareness of the Token2049 conferences through the gamification process.

Tron DAO

As part of the #sTRONgertogether initiative organized by TRON DAO, we designed an advertising campaign in Decentraland.