Tecno mobile

The advertising campaign for the tech company with the ad geotargeting specifications.

Geotargeted advertising can be a powerful tool for tech projects looking to promote their offerings in the metaverse. This function enabled Tecno Mobile to target audiences based on their physical location - the geotarget on users from Türkiye. This way the targeting increased the chances of reaching an audience that is more likely to be interested in their offerings. 

The Tecno Mobile campaign was tailored to specific locations in the metaverse, which helped to create a more engaging experience for their audience. For example, they used location-specific imagery and language that resonates with the local audience, thereby increasing the chances of capturing their attention.

This also increased their conversion rates and was satisfying for the Tecno Mobile company - players entered the phone purchase page after clicking on the banner link. Geotargeting allowed them to reach users who are more likely to engage with their offerings, which ultimately led to more sales and revenue.

Overall, having geotargeted advertising campaigns in the metaverse can be a powerful tool for your brand to promote its offerings. By reaching specific audiences, boosting engagement, increasing conversion rates, and analyzing campaign performance, we can create more effective campaigns that drive better results.